It’s OK 🧡

Hello Everyone!! It’s been a while! Here’s an update —
The last couple of months have been tough. That’s a very tough statement to write. I do not like to admit that I’ve had struggles. I like to keep that private and let everyone think I am “OK” or “Fine.” I found myself feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, and a little lost.
After spending so much time figuring out all the details, finalizing probate, making sure accounts were moved around (Part of closing out the probate), day-to-day processes handled, etc. I thought I had also managed to move through most of the grief that I needed to deal with. Truth is I had not. There was still so much to do and the weight of that along with the true reality that a lot of that stuff had been distractions. Yes, they had to be dealt with but distractions nonetheless. I hadn’t fully dealt with grief. Oh, I’ve been angry, sad, frustrated, lonely, lost, empty, manic, OCD, etc but hadn’t truly taken some time for me to heal. There are days that are still really really hard. I’ve come to realize that I need to make time for myself. Say No. Work smarter and not harder. Why do I think that I need to manage what once took 2 of us to do? I think a lot of us do that and it’s not OK.
Sometime in June it just clicked!! I recommend to Buyers & Sellers of Real Estate to use a professional. Why wasn’t I following my own advice?? I hate paperwork, filing & organization are just a few of my weaknesses. Hire someone who knows what they are doing and spend my time doing what more of what I love to do??? Sign Me Up!! So I prioritized my workload & hired out jobs that are not my strengths which is allowing me to focus on what I am most passionate about in our businesses. Gerry used to say “Why would I mow my own lawn when there’s someone out there that likes to do it, could use the extra funds when my time doing a task I don’t like can be spent doing something more productive?”
Applying this philosophy to both my personal life & professional life has really lightened the load that I was carrying, allowing me more time, less guilt, to heal. Finding help in areas of my workload has also given me a stronger voice to say no, make decisions more soundly, and truly feel less guilty. I now have time to deal with grief in a way that I didn’t before. Just sitting on my couch, maybe binging some Netflix, spending time with friends & family talking about the adventures we all shared. Removing the guilt of “I should be working on the to-do list I had waiting for me.”
If you are still with me — I hope you take some time to yourself. Prioritize and not feel guilty about hiring a cleaning lady, a lawn service, an accountant, a professional for whatever it is you are struggling with. There’s no shame in asking for help. You will be stronger for it. You will be happier and life will have more joy. We all deserve happiness & joy!! This journey of life is short and I believe we should truly enjoy it!
Much Love to All! ❤️


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