Your Impact on Others is Bigger than You May Think

To Gerry, my late husband:
Saturday I was reminded just how big your personality was. I chose an empty barstool next to someone I couldn’t quite put the name to the face. He was playing dice with “that” group. 🤪 As we all joked, laughed, & enjoyed the long time camaraderie, I figured out who he was. It’s been well over 5 years since I have seen him or his dad. Over the years we had lots of laughs with his dad and often with him at a different establishment. His dad often joked about “I have a cousin Guido…” 🤣🤣
He slowly connected the dots that I was Brooke’s Mom and you were her Dad. He asked where you were. My heart stopped for a few minutes and the “Gang” waited for my answer. He and his Dad didn’t know you had moved from Earth to be in Heaven to watch over all of us. I still do not have the lines down to explain this. I don’t want that look of Sympathy. Even though I know it’s coming. I love the few minutes past that when they share their memories of you. This time it took a few minutes, we all took a minute, but then the memories & laughs came about.
I am and will be forever grateful for the friends & family that we have. They understand my need to be out & about, moving forward, and also allowing me to remember at the same time. They share stories, I share stories, we all remember. ❤️
To all my friends & family: Never underestimate yourself to those around you. Look on the flip side too – Never underestimate those around you. ❤️