Ripples of Life

Your Actions Affect More than Just You.

Your Actions Have a Bigger Impact Than You May Understand

I love being around water.  It could be the Missouri River, Oceanside in Cabo, one of the many beautiful lakes in Northern MN, or any other body of water I have not yet explored.  It is very calming to me.  It grounds me.  Water reminds me that my actions and or decisions affect others.  Whether it is how I handle my current stages of grief, or what I learned about previous stages of life…staying in a job that pushed depression into a whole new level, working through a really rough spot in our marriage, or staying close to unhealthy relationships.

Ever watch a ripple of water collide with another ripple?  Sometimes its gently and other times it is a collision – abrupt and shatters the current flow of water.  That’s how life is too.  We can’t always control how our decisions and actions are received but we can be aware of the effect.  Being aware can help us make better decisions.  I am not suggesting that we make decisions based on how others might feel, but to consider how it affects others can impact that decision.

Staying at a job that was so unhealthy for me had serious mental health repercussions and was eventually a large strain on my marriage and family life.  I stayed because of the money.  I thought that I was doing my family a favor when in reality it was the opposite.  There were days that getting out of bed to go to the bathroom was a very large feat!  So you can imagine what energy it took to go to work.  Getting mental health help, leaving that job, and putting myself back together turned out to be better for my family than the financial advantages.  I am a stronger person because of it.

The great thing about this Ripple Effect is that it can be a positive motion too!  You smile at a stranger and that brightens their a day a bit.  You pay it forward in the drive-thru, surprise someone with a quick text or phone call to let them know you were thinking about them, send a handwritten note — a lost art.  I love to send postcards when I am traveling – mostly to my 100-year old Gma, I know how she loves getting mail!  We once received a postcard from JLBeers from our newly 21 year old and had a great laugh!

My challenge to you moving forward is to think about the Ripple Effect.  Use it positively.  If we remove the negative energy from our space there’s more room for positive things to happen.  Ultimately we own our decisions, no one else does.  We can choose how we respond to situations in our lives.  Life is truly very hard, but choosing how we respond can make it easier.  🧡❤️


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