Abandonment & Grief

#MyThoughtsToday Abandonment & Grief
2020 has been an interesting year for us all. When I say that 2019 was worse – you all might have a different thought on that. But for me, 2020 has been a year of healing. Healing a broken heart, learning how to manage/change a lifetime of goals, changing those thought patterns, and learning who I am now.
There are a lot of stages of grief and not all are obvious. Quite frankly its a lot of work. Grief doesn’t just move on as life does. There are days that go missing, sometimes it’s just an hour or two that just feels like a punch in the gut. It takes a lot of reflection and emotional work.
I’ve been trucking along pretty good. I feel a lot of Peace on most days. Summer is good for me and I felt like I was making a lot of progress. But then some of the “have-to’s” of life happened. Filing an estate tax return for your loved ones’ estate = putting a number ($$) to all you did together. It hit me hard. The number doesn’t matter in all reality but the finality of it does. This sums up his life and our life together. Going forward it’s just me. I know I am not alone. I have family & friends that will be with me throughout this journey of life but it’s not the same and never will be.
I thought I had dealt with this feeling of abandonment but it turns out there are many versions of these pesky stages of emotions. It comes and goes and isn’t near as tough as it was 12 months ago. I am very blessed with the family & friends that I have and the new friends I continue to make. They listen and support. It’s really all we can do for each other but it’s the best thing we can do for each other.
Love one another with no judgment and be kind. My journey will not be the same as yours but that doesn’t mean either journey is on the wrong path. ❤️