Its been a while since I have posted. I like to take time and think about what it is I want to say and these last few months have been a trial. Personally & publically.

First – I am fine. I am finding a new happy, a new normal. I have learned so much about myself these past 14 months. But this is for another day.

Second – My heart hurts. Not for myself but for our Human Race. We have lost touch with Respect and Reality.

I learned in a Home Ec class a great lesson in Respect – Hear me out – This direction of thought can be applied in so many ways.

“It is Rude to add Salt, Pepper, ask for Ketchup or Mustard, etc, before you have even tried the meal that is set before you” “Someone went to a lot of trouble to prepare that meal and by adding condiments without tasting the meal truly insults that cook. You are saying you know better than they do.”

Really think about this. You have made the decision to go out to eat, select a restaurant, pay for a meal, and before you taste the meal that you very carefully selected from a menu prepared by the Chef & team, you salt & pepper that meal before tasting it. Why didn’t you stay home and cook a meal that serves your liking better? Why did you automatically assume that the meal needed more salt or pepper? Did you consider the Chef’s perspective?

Have you considered the other person’s perspective?

We all are unique. We all see and feel differently. We need to respect each other’s uniqueness. When we offer Respect to others we are in turn Respected. Respect is earned. When you Give you Receive. Respect is also taught. (Thank You Mrs. Towne)

I have not been disrespected because of my color. But I do know the feeling of being disrespected on other topics: Body Shaming, Fitness Level, Religion, Finances, Politics, etc. I was definitely not the cool kid on the block! I try to use those feelings to try and understand the difference of others. Walk a Mile in someone else’s shoes.

In this social media world, it is so easy to be a keyboard warrior and put into words what most likely wouldn’t be said face to face. It is quite similar to talking behind someone’s back. Text does not convey the same message as verbally spoken words and behaviors. It’s ok to disagree but it’s not ok to be rude or call names or act superior.

Next- I’d like you to consider where you are getting your information. What sources create your opinions & beliefs?

Social media, text, photos are all easily manipulated in today’s world. Make sure your sources are trustworthy and sound. Better yet – get out from behind the screen and meet people. Explore your differences. Remember there are always 2 sides to a story – Perspective.

We as a human race will be stronger when we all remember to show respect for each other. My challenge to you is to learn about the other’s perspective before we spout our thoughts to be superior. Remember – once it’s posted online — it’s there forever! Spoken or typed it’s still there, posted and deleted – it’s still there. An apology is only a band-aid after that.

Much love to all! ❤️